Weedmaps Delivery Toronto Shutdown

What’s happening with Weedmaps

Why Weedmaps Delivery is leaving by the end of November 2020 and how to get your weed delivery now.

If Weedmaps has been your go to to get your cannabis delivery – you may have noticed some significant changes to the platform recently. By the end of 2020 (yup.. another 2020 thing…) Weedmaps delivery will be shutting down. Let us quickly explain why, and how you can still get your weed delivery in Toronto and the rest of Canada.

Is Weedmaps Shutting Down in 2020?

Some cannabis retailers were not too thrilled with the grey market competition on Weedmaps and have asked Weedmaps via the RCMP to enforce more regulations on ‘illicit’ cannabis sites. So we don’t want to name names, *cough* High Tide Inc. *cough* Superette Inc.*, but what has happened is Weedmaps is now being controlled to regulate the cannabis companies it advertises for and works with. 

The big focus here is ordering weed online – as you may or may not know government regulated cannabis shops are NOT allowed to send weed by delivery. Instead they must either sell in a bricks and mortar store where you can go right inside OR take advantage of curbside pick up during the pandemic. Both options are great however, there is nothing like ordering your cannabis consumables from the comfort of your home!

Weedmaps Delivery Promo

Did the RCMP shut down Weedmaps Canada Delivery?

So, what exactly were these cannabis retailers asking the RCMP to do? Well it all had to do with access to Weedmaps. The RCMP was not able or willing to do anything about delisting the grey markets buy weed online shops – so instead the retailers requested that the RCMP look into what enforcement action could be taken towards Weedmaps’ Canadian operations. 

Weedmaps is designed to provide patients and cannabis consumers with safe and convenient access to cannabis retailers. This design allows for many online weed shops to use Weedmaps as an important platform to reach their customers. And this right here is the reason why the major cannabis retailers are asking the RCMP to step in. The competition is too steep. 

At this time we are sure you have noticed a change to the way your Weedmaps is looking and that is because steps are being taken to remove any ‘illicit’ online weed shops from having prominent positions on Weedmaps. A Weedmaps spokesperson was quoted saying to BNN Bloomberg:

“Weedmaps is committed to working with the federal and provincial governments”. 

Weedmaps spokesperson
Weedmaps Delivery Shutdown
Weedmaps Delivery option to be taken off platform.

So now what?

As things move forward to regulate the sale of weed online – you will notice that Quadzilla and other weed delivery services are no longer a prominent search result and will eventually be taken out of weedmaps all together. This has nothing to do with our services, our products, our processes — all this comes down to is competition.

It is clear from the letter issued from these cannabis retailers that the grey weed market is thriving! And we are sure this does not come as a surprise to you. Our products are better, our service is better and our processes are simple and secure.

Our catalogue is not limited like other cannabis retailers and our products range from concentrates, to mushrooms, to medicinal CBD & RSO products. All of these are available on our website through our easy online weed ordering process. 


Same day delivery service is simply the best way to get the cannabis consumables you need in the fastest and easiest way possible. Quadzilla Cannabis like many others is easy to use and clear about how it works, order and set a delivery time, pay online or COD – Thats it. Not only do you get your goods that day – but you can pick the time that works for you.

Final Thoughts

Sure, the ease of WeedMaps and the familiarity will be a loss to the cannabis community — but it is important to remember that this isn’t just about a website, this is about quality product, great service, and secure processes. With or without WeedMaps, Quadzilla Cannabis and other Delivery Services will continue to offer the greatest cannabis catalogue delivered to your door.


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