Pink Dosi

Indica Dom Hybrid – THC – 28%  /// CBD – 0.95%

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Pink Dosi comes from a power team parental lineage of Do-Si-Do and Pink Champagne. Given its lineage , this strain gives  smells and tastes of herb and earthy skunk as opposed to its parents more sweeter, leaning profiles. Pink Dosi has the tendency to provide the smoker with a great hybrid of after effects. It can both calm and help you remain focus, with an uplifting head feeling that will bring you gently back down to a relaxed, more sedated state to finish off. These effects make Pink Dosi great for those who are looking for relief from aches, pains, cramps, stress, anxiety and insomnia. Or if you wanna just chill out for the day Pink Dosi would make a great choice!


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