Ortega OG


THC – 23%
CBD – 0.35%

This bud boasts a classic sedative indica high that starts with a clear-headed immediate effect felt as a pain-relieving buzz in the forehead and eyes that slowly builds into a stoney and sleepy head high. As you fall into a hazy stupor, this buzzing feeling will begin to ebb throughout your body in warming waves, leaving the user into a deep and peaceful relaxation state. Due to these indica effects, Ortega is a favorite strain for treating patients suffering from insomnia, migraines or headaches, chronic anxiety, and mild to moderate cases of depression. This bud has a classically delicious aroma of fruity berry that becomes insanely dank when the nugs are broken apart. The taste is very similar, with a spicy berry taste that has a deep dank quality to it.

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