OG God Kush

Indica – Quad – AAAA

THC – 27.5%

CBD –  1.10%

OGG rolls in with a very strong indica buzz that seeps throughout the body. It relaxes muscles, settles stomachs, and uplifts spirits. The euphoric feeling sticks around for hours and fades into a nice, relaxed burnout. OGG is a great pick for any level of smoker. The high THC content is sure to please veteran tokers while the well-balanced buzz won’t overwhelm newbies. The initial skunky odor reveals its indica lineage, however the smell is always light, fresh, and never gets too strong. Inhaling is full of earthy taste, but the exhale has hints of fruit. For medicinal purposes, OGG can provide relief for many patients. The high THC and CBD content is perfect for those managing conditions such insomnia, appetite issues, stress and anxiety, leaving you ready to tackle the day or some extra puffs can help close off the day drifting in relaxation.

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