Mandarin Cookies

Sativa Dom Hybrid
THC – 26% CBD – 0.40%
Mandarin Cookies is a near balanced hybrid strain that carries hints of fresh citrus combined with subtle notes of five-spice powder. It carries aromas that are primarily orange-like and fruity. The hairs present are more towards a reddish hue but most users are typically drawn towards the lime green and purple leaves of this strain and the dash of beautiful trichomes present on them. Typically sweet and spicy flavours are associated with Mandarin Strain. A large amount of lightness is associated with the taste and smell of this sativa hybrid, but some users experience some indica effects upon consuming this strain. Almost immediately numbness descends across the entire body and almost instantly deep pain and muscles spasms are alleviated while giving uplifting feelings. This medicinal marijuana strain carries effects are long lasting and provides a sufficient buzz.

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