Mac N’ Cheese


Sativa Dom Hybrid

THC – 27%

CBD – 0.55%

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This wonderful gift from Capulator is a cross of the coveted Miracle Alien Cookie and UK Cheese.  MAC N’ Cheese is usually a close even Hybrid strain although nowadays it leans more to the Sativa side. With uplifting cerebral highs reported with a tinge of relaxation on the comedown, you can count on it initially giving you a euphoric lift and a gentle comedown that won’t lock you into the couch. With these effects and its THC level, Mac N’ Cheese can help smokers who experience migraines, pain, creative blocks, and bouts of insomnia. Mac N’ Cheese emits a wonderful smell and taste of sweet citrus and a touch of pungent aroma, users like the unique flavor it gives the smoker. No need for ketchup with this batch of Mac N’ Cheese!


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