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Toronto Weed Delivery

If you are looking for fast weed delivery, Quadzilla Cannabis has you covered. We do deliveries between 12pm and 8pm every day of the week. We also offer Mail Order Marijuana in Toronto if you prefer a quick shipment instead of delivery. Quadzilla is your go-to Premium Online Dispensary for your 2021 Cannabis needs. Our online store is fully secured and we update our products and inventory daily. Signup for Quadzilla Cannabis delivery and get 20% off your first order.

Same Day Delivery Available in the Following areas:

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Toronto Dispensary - What to Buy

Planning on spending the day checking out Kensington Market? Why not make it that much better with a pre roll joint. Or try our some of our quads like Crunch Berries or the criminal strain. This quad AAAA Indica dominant hybrid will start with a cerebral lift that will enhance all the goods Kensington Market has to offer. Worried the Indica maybe a little too chill? Well, our Incredible Hulk is here to save the day! This beautiful bud provides an energetic onset, a boost of bright creativity and finally ends with tingly relaxation. The perfect companion for your Kensington Market stroll!

Best Edibles In Toronto TO Buy for A Stroll Around the City

In the ‘new normal’ the consumption of weed is being analyzed and understood in a brand new way. And one method that has been proven to be safe and effective are Edibles. Euphoria Extraction’s Shatter Bars will provide you with strong cannabis effects and easy consumption, setting all worries at ease. Each piece holds a strong hitting 30mg of shatter. Not familiar with shatter? Quick explanation: cannabis extract created from cannabinoids and solvents. Simply put — it is weed, but stronger! These Euphoria Extractions shatter bars will be a great companion for a day in Trinity Bellwoods.

Perhaps you are looking to enjoy Toronto on a more psychedelic level — well we have you covered. We offer a variety of mushroom products that will have you focused and seeing the world in a whole new way! Whether you are planning to hit the Royal Ontario Musem, Art Gallery of Ontario or hit the heights of the CN tower – we know that our mushroom products will make it so much better. Whether you choose Alice mushroom edibles for the psychedelic trip or Schedule 35’s microdose mushrooms — the effects will make all things better!

Signing up is easy and free. We approve your account right away and you will be sent a confirmation email. In the mean time you can fill your cart in our weed shop and be prepared to set a delivery time for the same day.  Don’t forget to use Code FT20 to get your discount! (Minimum Purchase of $50)

Edibles Delivery In Toronto

Shatter bars, Weed Gummies, CBD Oil and Euphoria Extracts.

Weed Edibles delivered daily right to your door anywhere in Toronto. How long do edible lasts? How long does it take to kick in? Check out the latest blog posts on edibles here. Don’t forget we also do mushroom delivery in Toronto as well as distillate and CBD gummies. 

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Weed Dispensay Toronto

True Quads, New Strains everyday, quick shipping and same day delivery. Our products range from a variety of Cannabis strains, concentrates, CBD products, edibles, tinctures and more.  We ensure that all suppliers and growers are working at the highest grade level  making sure that your online cannabis purchases here in Toronto are completed with top quality cannabis products and fast reliable services. Check back with us on the regular to see what new products we have to offer!

Marijuana Delivery Toronto - Free

For orders over $150, you can receive free delivery or shipping — and only $10 for orders less than that. We also offer out of town delivery starting at $25

Toronto Ontario Cannabis Store - Quadzilla Cannabis

Toronto Cannabis Promotions

Check out the latest deals we offer including $90 Ounce Bags, Free Pre Rolls, Mix & Match. We have new deals every day plus you get rewards for leaving reviews! 

Mail Order Marijuana In Toronto & GTA

Our flat rate express mailing fee makes it easy for you to get quality cannabis products straight to your door step. Canada Wide! –  Visit our Online Toronto Dispensary

Toronto mushroom delivery

Looking For Microdose Mush Shrooms?

Quadzilla Cannabis now offers Schedule 35 – Microdose Shroom 200mg in the shop. Educate yourself on micro-dosing in our Quadzilla Blog – 10 Reasons Why You Should Conisder Microdosing

Mushrooms, Microdose, Quadzilla Cannabis

Quadzilla Premium Cannabis Toronto

Toronto Cannabis Community

Toronto may not be the obvious choice for the average smoker — busy city, lots of noise, endless traffic — but let us take you on a different path. Toronto, Ontario can be one of the best places to enjoy whatever kind of session you are looking for. If you are interested in a chill, nature filled high — roll a joint and take a stroll through High Park! Yes, appropriately named. Want to roll with that body buzz to a cool event? Toronto has endless events! Whether you want to hit up a festival, concert, comedy show, sporting event or even a musical — the options are endless! Want to connect with other stoners? Toronto also boasts a strong cannabis community where you can learn more of what the city has to offer. Whatever kind of high you are chasing — the cannabis community of Toronto and GTA has lots to offer!

Toronto Cannabis Delivery FAQ

We have 4 daily delivery slots between 12pm and 8pm. Select the best available time at checkout for you.  12pm - 2pm, 2pm till 4pm, 4pm - 6pm, 6pm - 8pm


Register and login to, add products to cart and make payment via EMT or select Cash On Delivery! Then select the best available delivery time for you!

You bet! As soon as you sign up and are ready to place your first order, add the code FT20 to the coupon code box and get 20% off! 

After you have checked your spam and still don't see it, just email us at or send us a text to 647.699.8169 and we will sort it out right away

Recently, Weedmaps decided to take down all Dispensary delivery services off of weedmaps due to pressure from certain dispensaries. Read all about it here! 

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Why Use a mail Order Marijuana in Toronto

The better question is — why not? Having something delivered in Toronto is just one of the many benefits of living in this beautiful city — so why not extend that to your cannabis needs. With a few clicks of your mouse or taps on your phone, you can have your cannabis delivered securely and quickly right to your door. The cannabis industry continues to grow and develop — and with that so do your options as a customer. One of the greatest perks the weed industry has seen is the introduction of mail order cannabis — and Toronto has mastered it! So why bother getting off the couch and walking or TTC’ing to your local dispensary when you can simply click a button, create an account, and wait for your bud to arrive!



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