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Indica vs. Sativa – What’s the difference really?

Whether you are just starting or you are a long time smoker -- the two words that are always circulating on any buy your weed online site are Indica and Sativa.

Whether you are just starting or you are a long time smoker — the two words that are always circulating on any buy your weed online site are Indica and Sativa. 

But what is the difference? 

When the stoner world switched from buying off the local dealer to ordering weed online or weed delivery, the way we smoke weed also changed. We have options — and everyone loves variety!

Today our article will focus on what the key differences (if any) there are between Indica and Sativa. We will move beyond the simple sit in the couch or energizing theory and really look at what these two strains have to offer. 

What is Indica?

Indica has always been known as the sit on the couch, binge watch your favourite show type of high. When you are looking for a relaxing time Indica was always the suggested purchase. 

  • The Indica flower is native to Afghanistan, India, Turkey and Pakistan.  They are identified by their short, bushy plants with wide leaves and dense, compact flowers.
  • Generally, Indica strains have higher ratios of THC to CBD, whereas Sativa strains have lower ratios.

Here are some of the best known Indica-dominant strains:

What is Sativa?

For the daytime smoker, the creative type — Sativa has probably been the recommended smoke for you! Sativa plants thrive in the warmer climates such as Mexico, Africa, Southeast Asia, and Central America. 

  • They are identified by their tall, fibrous structure with thin, long leaves and less dense flowers.
  • They tend to have lower potencies and higher ratios of CBD to THC.
  • Not to be ignored is that their profile of the psychoactive molecules known as terpenes and flavonoids change more than Indica strains. 

Some best known Sativa strains are:

But most importantly — Does it even matter?

This is the great debate these days! Today the argument stands that the true (and possibly only) difference between the two strains is the physical appearance. 

Marijuana strains have been propagated and hybridized over and over creating very little differences between the two strains. So why do we still focus on Indica vs. Sativa?

It is important to note that one significant difference between the two is their geographical location. 

They also exhibit differences in their overall content of cannabinoids.

More importantly, the ratios of 2 major cannabinoids, ∆9-THC (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD) are consistently different between plants classified as Sativa and Indica.

How did this happen?

Everything changed in the 70s! Literally — so much change! 

Prior to this, the marijuana grown in North America was primarily Sativa. With the eventual importation of Indica plants from northern Asian countries the marijuana that North America once knew was gone!

This in turn created the opportunity to hybridize strains and such is the beginning of the end of the two dominant strains. There are very few pure strains being bred or grown today. 

Indica strains coming from the Hindu Kush mountains (on the border between Afghanistan and Pakistan) have established their way into many common North American strains of cannabis. 

So that brings us to our most popular flower — say hello to the hybrid! The hybrid is a plant derived from numerous different strains of cannabis to produce a specific effect. 

Due to its high potency and ease of cultivation the hybrid is a highly consumed flower. 

Some of our favourite strains are:

But — I still notice a difference when I smoke Indica vs Sativa?

While the strains continue to head down the path of two becoming one — there are still many who argue that the effects are distinct. 

Sativas are known for providing more of a body high, and Indicas a head high. But through active research we now understand that the distinct differences are not so clear. 

The new knowledge that cannabis plants are not solely dependent on THC and CBD, but rather play a small integral role when it comes to the effects of the plant. 

Rather than focusing on Sativas or Indicas for your desired high, you should check out the strain’s cannabinoid and terpene profile to make your decision.

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Final Thoughts

As you can see the differences between the two strains continue to diminish the more we learn and the more we breed them. 

There may be some small differences in the effects from Indica to Sativa — but overall this is not due to the difference in strain but rather the difference in chemical profile. 

Instead of focusing on the strain, we suggest doing some research and reading about the strains specific chemical profile. You want to be looking for the THC, CBD and terpene ratios. 

Now that you know what the deal is behind the scenes you are more equipped to make an educated purchase. Visit our reliable buy your weed online dispensary here! 


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